A Canadian Church

Our St. Peter Publication Calendar is a liturgical Calendar based on the Canadian Book of Common Prayer (1962).

Thus the seasons, saints' days, and holy days in this church calendar follow closely the wonderful cycle of the traditional church year, which helps stir our faith and devotion, and focus our thoughts on God's grace given to us through his Son Jesus Christ. By observing the various church seasons, we remember the most important events in our Lord's life-- his birth, death, resurrection, and ascension, as well as significant events in the Church's early history, like Pentecost.

In addition, the "Red-Letter Days" commemorate the "Gospel Saints", the Apostles and others who have a particularly close connection with our Lord's earthly life. The "Black-Letter Days" are minor commemorations of persons or events in the history of the Church. They may be kept at the discretion of those in authority in any particular parish.

In the calendar itself, "Red-Letter Days" are indicated in bold upper-case letters. The "Black-Letter Days" of optional observance are in lower-case, with the optional liturgical colour in brackets after the name. Otherwise, the colour of the season is indicated by the cloured numbers of each day's date. Black-letter days falling on Sundays have been omitted.

So we trust this calendar will be appreciated by many, and will be of use especially to those parishes that use the Canadian Book of Common Prayer (1962).

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