Discovering the Book of Common Prayer
A Hands-On Approach

This wonderful three-volume set of books was a project of The Prayer Book Society of Canada. Volumes 1 and 2 were published jointly by The Prayer Book Society and Anglican Book Centre Publishing. Volume 3 was published by The Prayer Book Society and St. Peter Publications. The author is Sue Careless, a freelance journalist and photographer whose work has appeared in the Globe and Mail, the National Post , and the Toronto Star. The recipient of seven church press awards, she is news editor of the Anglican Planet and has contributed to the Anglican Journal, Christian Week, and Faith Today. She and her husband, Tone, have four children and attend Little Trinity Anglican Church in Toronto.

The Prayer Book Society of Canada commissioned Sue Careless to write this introduction to the BCP for those unfamiliar with it, whether long-time or new Anglicans, young or old. The first book of the three-volume series, on "Daily Prayer", was published in 2003. It includes a general introduction to the Prayer Book, and contains detailed information about the daily offices of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, as well as chapters about Compline, Family Prayers, and much more. The second volume was published in 2006, with the sub-title "Our Life in the Church". It includes chapters about Baptism, the Catechism and Confirmation, and especially a great deal of information about the Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) as found in the Book of Common Prayer. Volume Three was published in 2009, and has the sub-title "Special Occasions". Among other topics, it deals with such special services as Holy Matrimony, the Ministry to the Sick, the Burial of the Dead, and Ordination.

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